View Full Version : Tamiya 1/18 scale Gear Frog

2006.07.10, 09:36 AM
What's anybodys take on the Tamiya 1/18 scale Frog buggy? T O Y E A S T has'em for purchase.

2006.07.10, 11:58 AM
From what I herd they arent as good as other Mini's AKA Mini Inferno, Mini-T,Mini-LST,RC18b/t/mt and others.

MINIz guy11
2006.07.10, 10:09 PM
ive heard different. while i was looking for MI and MISTs in HK, i came along a british or aussie guy that told me bout them. he said a few friends had them and were super nice. i would of bought one but still didnt know what to do with the battery with it. i liked the saddle pack of the MI more so i got a MI instead