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2006.07.11, 07:56 PM
I would love to race that thing, but have U seen the video of it in action? It is not a very high tech rc item. It looks in the video that the wheels are either straight or full turn left or right, but it still would be fun.

I am going to do a race with overlands pulling this trailer from testers (http://hobbyoutlets.com/testors/234.htm) when they come off back order. I ordered 4 of them for me and others at the track.

2006.07.11, 08:03 PM
i posted rules...

if the thread wanders from the immediate topic at hand it will be removed. the 'ask' section is for just that, to ask the manufacturer a question, not to hold a discussion. this is why i split the reply to this section as it went way off topic regarding overlands and it was not related to the actual question.

no, i had not seen the video but wi certianly will now.

i just thought these looked like fun more than anything else.

2006.07.11, 08:09 PM
it would be fun to take one of htese and make a metro bus out of it. :) that or one of the local commuter line buses

2006.07.11, 09:07 PM
Why do you want an RC toy of a bus? A bus isn't exotic, sporty, or cool looking. I'm just curious cause, well, I don't see the point in having a bus.

2006.07.11, 09:28 PM
why not?

kyosho has mini-vans, the same can be said for them as well... people still race them.

2006.07.11, 09:31 PM
Yea well. Mini-vans have also been personalized and customized and have a little more appeal than a bus. Just me but if you like the bus, cool. How about the double decker buss'es they have in London?

2006.07.11, 09:32 PM
the japanese have done some crazy stuff with trucks and buses

2006.07.11, 09:35 PM
As well as vans. Have you seen some of the really obnoxious vans they do out there? With wing's and rear bumpers big enough to have a pick-nick on? It's rediculous!