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2006.07.12, 06:52 AM
The new Giro-Z lapcounter will be Distributed by Atomic! Next year in March it will be availeble ... read more information at the Atomic website. (+images)

2006.07.12, 07:34 PM
Looks like it is available for 290EUR (~$370) for the system and 33EUR ($42) per transponder (29 different channels?). The software is free. I got my info from technicalrp.com.

Looks very interesting.


2006.07.14, 04:11 AM
We use giroz on our club (MadriZ,Spain), it works perfect and it it was developed by some members of our club ;)

With the car with no batteries to be able to move, we pass it under the giroz brigde pushing the car with the hand and is detected by the Giroz.

If you have any question ask it.

2006.08.06, 10:07 AM
Hello everybody,

I wanted to know if we can use the lap-Z transponder with the giroZ.

Thank's :)

2006.08.06, 01:21 PM
tytooo - currently we're testing the GiroZ-system in the CRC, so if you take one of your transponders to the track you can test the system ...



2006.08.06, 06:28 PM
No you cant use lapz transponder with giroz.

2006.08.13, 02:48 AM
Avant i will took my lapZ transponder for next weekend, but if undertow say it's not ompatible...


2006.10.16, 01:00 PM
does anyone have any pertinant information on how to use the software for the giro-z timing system?

i now have this system for review however there are no instructions for using the software. there is infact less documentation accompanying this kit than there is for the corespeedway system.

2006.10.17, 04:35 PM
how exactly do you install the led sensors into the channel? the directions are a bit confusing onm this.

do you use anything other than the supplied screw to connec the peices? it's a rather flimsy build.

is there anything special about the supplied rj45 cable? it's not going to be long enough. do i have to use a particular type of cable or will any patch cable do?

2006.10.18, 12:41 AM
The GiroZ is not compatible with LapZ.

The documentation how to install, and how to run, is iside CDrom and over our website.


The Rj45 Wire is a normal LAN wire, you can buy a extra long wire in a shop and install without problems.

2006.10.18, 05:19 AM
thank you for the information! i missed that information on the disc. i'll go back and look again.

for some reason the image for step 4 of the installation, the one i need, will not display for me. all i see for number 4 is the red 'x' in the corner where it should be.

the 2 programs that i found on the disc were:
ZRound Giro-Z Lite - Race Manager
Flaco - Championship Manager

first impression, this is a snap to assemble! excluding my misunderstanding of step number 4... do you have any reccomendations for glue for this plastic? the few screw holding it together don't seem to be durable enough for my taste/expected use. this will be moved around alot and like ikea furniture, it goes together solid enough but move it a few times and it weakens.

my goal is to have this up and running this saturday.

2006.10.18, 06:28 AM
In CD software is included:

1- FlaCo Windows Version
2- FlaCo Linux Version
3- Gzround Lite Windows Version
4- Gzround Pro Linux Version
5- Doucmentation Spanish
6- Documentation English

2006.10.20, 07:40 PM
i wanted to confirm that the disc contains documentation on how to use ZRound GiroZ

the documentation explains many uses of command line text etc. i assumed, correct me if i'm worng, that i just open ZRound Lite and setup a race using that interface? i can not find any menu to do so. are there any directions for the use of the software? i had no problems installing the software it seems.

2006.10.22, 04:23 PM
We (the CRC racing hall in Germany) are using the GiroZ now for quite a while and I have to admit, that it's the most reliable systems I've ever used (LapZ, kickrace+laser system) and additionally it's very easy to use.

general impressions:

- we're running the software gzround on Fedora Linux - no problem at all. As we don't get the FLaCo 0.2.5 software in Linux working, we've done all the tests with gzround 1.0.0.
- generally the plastic of the construction is not really robust, so we've switched to another bidge from the diy-area (installation channel for wires, etc)
- the transponders are no direct drop-in for MR015 - for MR02 it fits perfectly well
- easy change of the transponders from car to car due to usage of connectors
- the reception area is with ~1,0m very large (larger than any other in the market I know) and the cars are recognized very reliably (100%)
- the gzround software for Linux is text-based (ncurses ...), it's very easy to use, so we really love it. Just put the drivers in the database (text file), get them recognized by the system during the init phase (press "I") and start the race with the key "n". An optical and acoustic signal is used for the start.
- with gzclass you can do the race management - it's also very easy to use
- if for some reason a lap wasn't counted (happened never during our test) you can add laps by pressing the keys 0-9.
- another big big plus - you can race until your accus are nearly empty and it still is recognized by the system - I've never seen this at other systems.

TRP has developed an excellent lap counting system and we enjoy using it. As this is the first shot we're looking forward to the new versions of the software. As this is opensource software, the developers are happy about any kind of contribution/input ...
For those users, who don't like to use the terminal-based gzround for Linux I can recommend the gzround for Windows, but the GUI is not as "clean" as the text-version for Linux. The FLaCo software will be the future, but some work needs to be done there ;)

- softer cables
- easier mr015 mount
- better plastic / more robust construction of the bridge
- standard connectors for the transponder
- get FLaCo software working
- dual screen output (drivers / race management)
- larger letters for better readability for the drivers during race



2006.10.22, 04:33 PM
thank you for the feedback!

i was not prepared for text based software. i am of the non computer savy variety that needs things user friendly. i have used core which while has it's flaws, is very user friendly and easy to use.

i am/was unprepared is all for dealing with the software i guess.

yes, the plastic bridge is flimsy which i already commented on. i plan on using copius amounts of hot glue to solidify the entire assembly.

yes, i do like the fact that the transponders use a connection point. they are much like the amb-it transponders. yes, providing enough slack or means to attach to the multitude of chassis types would be nice. ie; mr-01/mr-015/mr-02/ma-010

i like that the transponders are also numbered. this makes it easy to identify them.

2006.10.23, 09:17 PM
is it possible to use the timing system with other software?

2006.11.05, 02:43 PM
I recomend use Linux Version, is more stable.
You only need boot computer from CD.

And the Linux Version no modify your existing Hard drive.

2006.11.05, 02:44 PM
Windows Version is Lite Vesion, Linux Version is Profesional Version.

2006.11.06, 07:58 PM
I am testing the system out now with a PC. I am able to boot from the CD with no problem but it doesn't look like the bridge is responding. The transmitters are working (tested with camera) but when I try gztest, I don't get anything in the little numbered spaces.

2006.11.06, 10:19 PM
Just go for the standard LPT settings in the BIOS: IRQ7 / 0x378
I had the same issue and I've resolved it by resetting the parameters to the default ones mentioned above.



2006.11.09, 10:23 AM
Just go for the standard LPT settings in the BIOS: IRQ7 / 0x378
I had the same issue and I've resolved it by resetting the parameters to the default ones mentioned above.



Awesome...that worked to get the thing communicating but I don't seem to have any sound...any thoughts on that?

Also, one driver had painted windows the other night so I mounted the transponder on the outside of his car. Unfortuantely the transponder got damaged and wouldn't read. Hopefully, I'll be able to fix it but I am not sure.

I was thinking of using clear heat shrink to protect the transponder. Has anyone tried this?

Also, is it possible to purchase just the connector for the transponder separately? I would like to get more sets of the piece that attaches to the car, so one person can use the same transponder for several cars. Maybe some velcor on the bottom of the transponder would help with that setup.

Any info would be appreciated.


2006.11.09, 10:32 AM
if the clear heat shrink is a go, you could easily use velco tape to attach them much like we do the core transponders in dc. if you always use the same side on the transponder it should make swapping them around a snap. let me knwo if you go that route as i can get you a couple feet of that tape i use.

i think those connectors are typical, atleast i hope so. check the jr/futaba/other servo connectors. you can pick those up at just about any lhs.

2006.11.09, 12:30 PM
Well I found the connector...At least one side of it.

The part number is wm1112-ND at www.digikey.com and they are about 5 cents each. I just need to find some 28 gauge wire now...

2006.11.14, 07:35 AM
Hi Spoon,

when I check my transponders, I think the connectors are made by JST.

will be the right connector.


2006.11.29, 09:40 AM
Hey Spoon and Arch2b I saw you were testing these units I just wanted to get your impresions. Form what I've read it seems you'd be able to run heats with as few transponders as you have cars on the track. Is this the case? I know with the Core setup you preety much need 1:1 ratio or cars to transponders.

2006.12.07, 10:16 AM
I am thinking about trying to test this thing out again. rkk, I really only have a couple of hours of testing in on this thing but i don't quite understand your question.

2006.12.07, 07:22 PM
Sorry, let me try to be a little more clear. I was wondering if you could transfer transponders between cars. Say you have 6 transponders. So you rin heats with 6 cars and then switch then transponders to another set of cars for the next heat.

2006.12.13, 05:51 PM
Hi all,

I've just read your post about GiroZ & Software and I must say that the Windows XP version is named ZRound (not gzround). I'm the author of this picece of software (GiroZ inteface is property of GiroZ makers and was developed in cooperation with them) which is presented in two FREEWARE versions:

ZRound GiroZ/Lite: This is a "limited" version which works fine with the championship manager (FLaCo). You can use standalone for training or single races by setting up the race parameters in its user interface. May be you want to manage a championship with many races, heats, series, finals, etc. then you can use FlaCo to do this and start ZRound timing from FlaCo user interface.

ZRound Suite: This is a spanish/english full version. There are four applications included:

ZRound: Full version for timing and lap counting. It has HTML output, dual monitor, text to speech (using MS SAPI 5.1), detail of lap times by driver (in colors depending on lap time , i.e. good lap, bad lap, ...), full event log, sound events (wave files), remote moritoring by using TCP/IP viewer, support for others intefaces (lapz, slot parallel port systems), ...

ZViewer: This allows you to load race data files and to see qualificationes, lap times, graphics, real time remote monitor (connected to ZRound using TCP/IP). If you use GiroZ and your PC is CPU 100% and unable to do anything but timing this could be a very interesting tool for monitoring races and to SPEAK because it is also a remote voice server for ZRound.

ZRound Manager: Full Windows miniz championship manager. It allows you to register drivers (you can import from .csv files into the registration for each race), create all the champs. you want with the races/events you want for each one. It computes rakings/points after each race event, creates heats, series and finals, generates HTML output, allows three differents frequecies by driver to avoid "colissions" and it helps to solve them, etc, etc.

FLaCo: Just another championship manager. It runs under Firefox and it is the same version included in linux distribution of GiroZ soft.

You only need to register in on my web (www.zround.com) and you will be able to download and test "ZRound Suite" if you want. It's easy and it's free.

For your interest, you can download the ZRound Quick Start Guide (pdf) here: http://www.zround.com/request.php?12

Feel free to mail to info@zround.com if you have any question about using the soft. Please be comprehensive with my English (I can speak spanish too ;)) and be patient with time reponses (I must to share my time with familily, work, miniz, kittens, ..... and zround)

Enjoy ZRound,

Jesus Broceņo.
PD: I'm not a company, I'm only a miniz lover who share this software with a lot of friends.

2007.01.14, 07:00 PM
thanks for posting the info.

Spoon is currently testing this system so he might have some feedback and questions for you

2007.01.24, 01:27 PM
Excellent news - the GiroZ system will be offered in the future without the bridge, so for diy-fans and owners of other Systems an excellent opportunity to switch to a cost-effective solution- Here's the link to TRP (http://www.technicalrp.com/catalog/giroz-counter-system-86cm-without-bridge-p-21840.html)



2007.01.24, 02:14 PM
can you clarify what it DOES NOT come with?

no plastic bridge or not plastic bridge with ir sensors?

the plastic bridge was less than desired, pesonal opinion. it was very flimsy.

2007.01.24, 03:06 PM
GiroZ is now offered in two ways - the classic one includes the plastic bridge. In the new offering just the plastic bridge is missing - all the other parts are still the same like electronics, transponders, software, etc



2007.01.24, 06:06 PM
thank you for the clarification. i didn't want there to be any mistake :)

your club uses the bridge correct? how did you stabalize it? the few screw points have alot of play in them. the width of the feet also pose a problem to rcp track layouts.

2007.01.25, 01:03 AM
We're currently using our old self-built wooden bridge from our laser system. The plastic version was indeed too flimsy and as we've had the wooden bridge anyway, we've just screwed the electronics on the bridge - that's it !

A cheap version and stable version could me from installation-material from a d-i-y - shop for some dollars like our old version at the CRC:



2007.08.02, 04:46 PM
can anyone confirm whethter or not the 'bridgeless' system comes with a transponder?
it looks like no, but I'd like to make sure.

2007.08.02, 05:09 PM
No transponders w/ any of the giro-z systems, but the price is tough to beat at only 300 bucks for the bridgless version.

2007.08.02, 06:18 PM
we have one... I built my own bridge out of alluminum from Home Depot. I'll put a how to guide together soon. Total cost was around $15.

Also, keep in mind you only need a few transponders. You only need as many transponders as guys on the track at one time. In our club, we only need 4 for a club of 20 guys. This keeps the start up cost very low.

2007.08.02, 06:31 PM
i'd love to see a tutorial in your bridge. the giro-z bridge is not worth it's cost at all. the stickers are a nice touch but the construction/design is not durable or stable at all.

2007.08.02, 07:45 PM
ok, I'm planing on building a second bridge using an adjustible top section so that you can go 2 or 3 tiles wide. I'm going to show how to build both in the how too. I'll include a parts list from Home Depot.