View Full Version : Searching Super U Swampers and Mini Pin Tires

2006.07.12, 07:37 PM
I am searching for new Super U Swampers and Mini Pin Tires made by RCMotorsport.

Anyone who has a set for me?

diets - the best things are allways out of stock

2006.07.13, 01:29 PM
I've heard from a good source that RCMotorsports is retired from making swampers. I heard the process has a pretty high failure rate, and it wasn't worth the time/effort.

DBR may may be able to shed more light, as I don't think RCMotorsport checks the board often.

2006.07.13, 08:50 PM
you can get the original Aoshima Super Swampers from The Hobby Place in West Los Angeles 310-441-0075 ask for Jaime and tell him Jimmy sent ya

BTW Diets... I got your email... I've been swamped... but I'll have an answer for you by the end of the weekend

2006.07.14, 05:19 AM
Super U Swampers, Mini-Pins, Beast Chevrons, are all tires made by RCMotorsport. They are all solid cast resin tires in a super soft compound that gave them unequalled traction on any surface. They were carried here by the shop as an exclusive item not available elsewhere. All of these were quite popular and all worked very well.

However the cost of production in both dollars, and especially time, were very high. Combine that with a high reject rate (tires that came out of the molds with airbubbles or other imperfections that made them unsaleable to the public) and the fact that OL's are not the most popular rigs anymore, and RCM has elected not to continue production of those tires at this time.

2006.07.14, 09:28 AM
Sorry to hear that! I loved them!

Do you have any leftovers, which you could sell me? That would be great!
I am although interested in the tires you had on your Baja Bug front wheels (because i am currently working on a OL Sand Scorcher). Did you made them as well? I have never seen them in the mini-z-shop.

Thanks for the information. I already have the aoshimas, but i was searching for the RCMotorsports (just to have some spares for the future)

diets - was very impressed by the quality of the rcm tires

2006.07.18, 11:31 AM
Thats sad. I understand about the failure rate on super swampers, the set i got couple years ago had a huge airbubble at the treads. easily fixed it by filling it with household silicon cauk.

Hows the good year trackers holding? The one set I got had no air bubbles but two of the tires are gummy bear soft and the other two is soft plastic hard, wasn't sure if its a compound mixture error or is like that on purpose.

2006.07.25, 05:38 AM
Did anyone try to email RCM direct???????
I talk with him every weekend at the track, but I can't do all your deals for you, contact him direct and see what he says....

2006.08.07, 01:43 AM
Diets....talked with RCM today, email me about Swampers and Mini Pins, I have whats left

2006.08.07, 05:07 AM
db, how is rcm doing? i don't see him on too much anymore? i have followed yout transition to racers ;)

2006.08.08, 05:35 PM
Arch.....RCM is still around, we race every Sunday, but other projects keep him tied up and away from the forums for the most part.....yes we did go full racer mode awhile ago but still have fun with our Monsters and 4X4's

2006.08.09, 02:40 PM
Diets....talked with RCM today, email me about Swampers and Mini Pins, I have whats left

I've sent you an email through the forums mail system. Hope you'll get it :)

diets - electronic mail, what a great invention :D