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2006.07.13, 08:38 AM
We are putting together some new obstacales for our Overland races. Here is a short video showing a couple of them in action.


the obstacales were pretty cheap to do. I purchased the material from my local Home Depot. The lattice is vinyl and the roofing material (green wavy one) is some type of plastic. the only tool I need to cut them both with was some sharp tin snips.

Clanure is working on a Moguls sections as well. using a 1/8" masonite, several different sizes of styrofoam balls (cut of course) and some high grip paint. Pictures and some video coming soon.

Here are some still shots.







2006.07.13, 09:18 AM
I don't even have an OL and I was thinking about putting something like this together for our OL races. I had one a while ago and I built a couple of paper mache courses and obstacles, nothing too big. But then noone drove OL's and I sold mine. Now we have an OL class for the DC Point series. :p

2006.07.13, 09:45 AM
I'm sure you've seen our OL track before...


Painted paint stirrers, traffic dots, drawing tubes... these little items can make for some exciting terrain.

My goal for this event was to make the driver have to negotiate... but still maintain a decent speed. The obstacles should give some leeway in that they are not 80% (maybe 70%?) guaranteed to stop the driver by causing a flip or an off-course excursion.

Don't be scared to crank those tiles almost vertical... if you check out the ramp up to our log bridge... they made it up just fine with a little straightaway line up at it.

Love that corrugated fiberglass... great idea !

MINIz guy11
2006.07.13, 10:29 AM
i wished my OL worked. i lifted a solder pad trying to do my first nelly turbo job. i now need a new board and need it cheap. just my luck that this is the exact solder pad i need. anyway, nice track. do the obsatcales hurt the tracks at all like cut the track surface?

2006.07.13, 07:54 PM
i wished my OL worked. i lifted a solder pad trying to do my first nelly turbo job. i now need a new board and need it cheap....
Installing a Nelly is one of the fixes for lifting a pad, since the wires can be connected to any point along the run by removing some of the mask from the pathway, or my favorite soldering it to a via (hole where the path goes through the circuit board). It does take a multiimeter to trace the run (find the right connection point), but they are relatively inexpensive these days and one of those tools any RC fan should invest in, LoL before a soldering iron.

MINIz guy11
2006.07.13, 08:07 PM
i do have a multimeter but am not sure how to use it the way your describing it.

2006.07.13, 08:28 PM
You set the meter to read “Ohms” for reading resistance or on the continuity check setting (beeps when you touch the leads together) and use it to follow the run for the pad you lifted until you find a good point to solder the Nelly’s connection wire to. Depending on which pad you lifted there are lots of good places to solder the wires to.

As an example the photo below is a repair I made to a circuit board with a lifted pad by running a jumper wire to a via. You could also solder the wire directly to the run by scraping a little of the mask (transparent green paint that insulates the runs) off and soldering the wire to it.

Warning you do have to be careful not to short anything out by using too much solder when attaching the wire.

MINIz guy11
2006.07.15, 09:44 PM
ill get a pic soon on my lifted solder pad and hope you guys can help me

2006.07.22, 11:10 AM
Man i wish i had a huge track like that :(
oh well :cool: