View Full Version : Hummer prosthetics.

2006.07.13, 11:00 PM
After a tragic accident this Hummer was left crippled, without the recourses or political pull to fund a complete GPM bionic rebuild, but thanks its new low cost prosthesis it can now not only crawl, but run and jump again.


Most but not all of the excess plastic was removed where the severed shock arm joined with the round axle housing, then the aluminum piece was cut to match the curvature of the axle housing, heated, and pressed into place to create an exact socket. The ball screw hole location was then marked by sliding a large needle through the opposite side hole and the prosthetic was removed for finishing. After the screw hole was drilled and taped, the prosthetic was cut to length, and excess aluminum around the hole was filed away so that the ball cup would have at least as much movement as it did before the prosthetic arm. Additional where the aluminum would glue to the plastic it was scored with ridges for greater bonding strength, once fitted and ready high strength JB weld type epoxy was used to permanently bond the new shock arm in place. After allowing 24 hours to dry it may not be as strong or pretty as a completely new aluminum gear box but is at least as strong if not stronger than the original arm, the plastic will break before the new arm or the glue used to bond it in place does.