View Full Version : mini-x reviews

2006.07.14, 06:47 PM
There are no reviews on ****** (the two ones on the bottom, their links are broken). Anyway, I can't find any serious reviews of the mini-x. So far all I know about it is the reciever is kinda unreliable.

2006.07.14, 09:09 PM
Hit up tinyrc.com, tons of info there. I liked it but the stock receiver is pretty crappy. Still, its a separate Rx and not even (what most people would say) the higher grade mini-z or mini-t have that. You can replace the Rx or the ESC or the servo separately. That being said its a tough job due to the space footprint :) They're nice rides for the relative price, lots of nice features.

2006.07.15, 03:16 PM
Tinyrc is dead I think. I didn't find a review on there, but I did find a dude who modded a 180 size motor to sit above the axle. I translated here


, and theres an anatomy of it. No reviews, but Im pretty convinced.

2006.07.18, 12:58 PM
One of our racers ordered one.I think its used as a hanging ornament from his rear veiw mirrior now. I suppose it might be ok for thrashing around in the driveway. For racing it gets a big F.

2006.07.18, 01:05 PM
I race my mini-x on an oval track it does very well.

2006.07.18, 01:38 PM
What do you race against? We don,t run ovals so I,ve not seen it action this way.

2006.07.19, 03:07 PM
Was the design just executed poorly? I mean it looks pretty decent from what I see on websites. What are the flaws in it other then little to no upgrading options?

2006.07.19, 05:05 PM
Poor quality mostly, really bad. Some of the ideas on it are cool but not refined to be truely functional. Not much adjustability or tuning. Stock suspension very stiff, steering sloppy.Stock electronics don,t work most of the time. The bodies that come with the kit are also very poor quality. But I,m also spoiled on mini z,s so maybe the rest will always look bad to me :eek:

2006.08.16, 10:18 PM
I bought one last year. It came with a damaged receiver/board. Din bull sent me a replacement; however, the radio and car had to be within 5 feet to have any affect. I bumped the leg of my dining room table at a slow speed and the plastic gear on the motor cracked in half. My car is now collecting dust. It was a total waste of money. If anyone wants to buy it from me, please make me a resonable offer + shipping.