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2006.07.15, 10:42 PM

ok, i got a question about the rcp tracks....

here are my questions:

1: How wide is the mini til 96????? How about with the expansion kit?

2: I do not see how you could make any other track setups with the wide "l", how could you? And what have you guys made?

2006.07.17, 04:24 AM
I am told the Mini 96 tiles are 30 cm and the Wide L and Wide Oval tiles are 50 cm. Even with the expansion kit the Mini 96 lanes are not as wide as the Wide L.

I made a couple of different track layouts with one Wide L.

2006.07.17, 08:56 PM
how??? (do you make different layouts... with an "L"?)

and the tiles are 30cm, so the track is 60cm wide? All i race is 2ft lanes when i put up a makeshift track! That'll be easy!

2006.07.17, 09:53 PM
What other layouts with the Wide L?

http://rcp-tracks.com for more info (tile width, how many and what tiles are included with each set etc.)

2006.07.18, 11:13 AM
i know what coems with it how could you possibly build anything but a variation of an "L" or an oval with that track??

2006.07.18, 11:24 AM
one track can be limiting. Where the possiblilities grow is when you have 2 or more.

http://www.saltlakemini-z.com/Tracks.html Check the links on the page for more layouts.

just to clarify with the Mini-96 the width is (60cm) 23" minus the rail width. so you will be looking at less then 24"

2006.07.19, 04:53 PM
Here are a couple of variations.

2006.07.19, 07:19 PM
i think wide L's are a serious waste of money....

sure 2 will make some pretty entertaining layouts but for $400!!! I tthink i'll get the mini tile 96 when i get the money and my mom lets me

2006.07.19, 07:30 PM
not if you have enough space.... for the average home owner, they are simply too large and this is obvious. doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize which is better for indoor home use vs. basement/shop/outdoor racing.

2006.07.19, 07:44 PM
I believe I read that the lane width for a Mini-96 with two tiles is ~18.5",
and then with the expansion pack, the three tile width is ~30"
The Wide L with two tiles is ~32.5"

2006.07.20, 10:40 PM
I believe I read that the lane width for a Mini-96 with two tiles is ~18.5",
and then with the expansion pack, the three tile width is ~30"
The Wide L with two tiles is ~32.5"

umm... no.....

2006.07.20, 10:46 PM
mini-96 tiles are 30cm (12") and the wide-l tiles are 50cm (20")

i love my mini-96+exp pack and i recommend this for anyone who is looking for an in-home/ garage track.

search button and www.rcp-tracks.com should answer any and all beginner questions about RCP.

2006.07.20, 10:56 PM
Two tile Mini-96, lane width is 18.5"
expansion adds 12", so that makes the lane width 30.5"
Two tile Wide L, lane width is 33"

I was only off by .5", I did say "I believe I read.."

2006.07.21, 08:25 PM
wait hood, lets do the math.

1 tile=12"
2 tiles does not = 18.5", it =24'!!!!

2006.07.21, 09:40 PM
I took the info straight out of the RCP .PDF file that you can download from their website. It says Lane Width, which is the width of the tile less the width of the rails.

2006.07.22, 02:07 PM