View Full Version : New Mini-Z Monsters with Mini-Z Overland bodies

2006.07.16, 07:48 PM
kyosho is now releasing monster kits with overland bodies. at first i thought they made new bodies for the monster but that would mean duplication of work which is just poor planning and use of resources. soo, i was not entirely surprised to see kyosho came up with a nifty adapter to use overland bodies on the monster chassis!

now my question is, does anyone with one of these new monsters have an updated parts diagram? if one exists at all... i need to know the part number for the adapter so that i can request the shop to carry these.



2006.07.16, 09:46 PM
The part # for the H2 adapter is mvb09-2. I only know this because I've seen them for sale already.

2006.07.17, 02:15 AM
aw ! need to get one... euhm no... 2 of those !! :D

2006.11.08, 11:49 AM
where can you buy that adapter piece? Are there different ones for different bodies? Sorry for the ? but I haven't been around in a while... tks, Mike

2006.11.08, 04:36 PM
This shop has them in stock. They are in the autoscale category. You can use it with any OL body but they don't all have the same wheelbase. So some look better than others.

2006.11.09, 08:58 AM
All I could find was this ..."Kyosho Mini-Z Hummer H2 Body Attachments #18155"
I looked through the entire listing. Is this it? I want to mount the Mercedes body if possible like yours GT3. Is there just one mount or are there other mounts that this site doesn't carry?

2006.11.09, 06:43 PM
Yup that's it. I put a link below for you. The G55 body has the perfect wheelbase as you could see in my gallery. However mine is mounted with shimmed monster body clips glued in place of the OL body clips. The only difference using the Kyosho adapter is that it would sit a little higher. Which might even be better. Post some pics :)


2006.11.10, 04:29 PM
Nice find Arch2b!!!

2006.12.25, 12:03 PM
so can u fit any overland body on it ~?

2006.12.26, 12:00 AM
Yup, pretty much. I did my F150 monster that way with a home brew wheelbase extension, so it would look right. Also with that adapter set you also get the "tank" covers for the battery holders, in black of course. I have those on my Jeep monster for the no bling look. It is hard to see in the attachment but they are on there. Added another shot to show the parts off the truck for a better look. No the battery clips themselves are not included.