View Full Version : ball bearing set

2006.07.19, 11:41 AM
I was wanting to know why some sets come with 9 and others come with 10?

2006.07.21, 12:25 PM
Anybody there

2006.07.21, 12:49 PM
I'm pretty sure most sets come with ??? ... (not an MZM expert)

4 for the front wheels

2 for the motor mount

1 for the rear wheel, diff side only

the others are for the gear above the diff if I remember correctly...

2006.07.21, 02:52 PM
Ok I was wondering Im still waiting on my Monster to come in the mail I bought the 3 racing one with 9 in it I didnt know if I should have bought the one with 10 or not

2006.07.21, 03:24 PM
7 3x6 bearings (4 front and 3 rear axles)
2 1.5x4 bearings (idler gear)

10th bearing is usualy included by companies that are less familiar with the mini-z... and think it needs another on the other wheel...

2006.07.21, 07:51 PM
Ok thanks alot I received them and my x-speed motor today now Im just waiting on my monster to get here