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2006.07.21, 07:47 PM
Hopefully these will be sweet!!

AWD truck (http://www.iwaverusa.com/coming/coming-10ec.html)

AWD buggie (http://www.iwaverusa.com/coming/coming-b070.html)

2006.07.21, 07:52 PM
these have been discussed many times. this information is also quite old so don't hold your breath on these coming anytime soon

2006.07.21, 08:40 PM
Actually we do need more people in the breath holding club. Today alone we lost another four, that latest IW-02M delay from late Jul now updated to late Aug and Sep was just too much for them. There are hundreds of seats now available the only requirement is that you must be able to hold your breath for over a year without loosing interest.

2006.07.21, 08:44 PM
...exhale... :D

2006.07.21, 09:15 PM
Hi guys, well,..... yes this has been discussed many times, and there are some very old cad drawings still around on the web. Since hearing about these 2 ( especially the buggy), I kept in contact with Iwaver about launch date, which I have been told ( without notification of delay) that sometime in august is the launch time. However, judging by current delays......... ;-)) ....could be sometime in 2009 ;-)). But on the plus side, the 03m and 05m were, I think,- supposed to be launched march/april/may, so maybe there has already been a delay, just we didn't know about it. Anywayz, I rambling now, I'll shut up. I hope they come soon though ! and some pics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MINIz guy11
2006.07.24, 02:05 PM
i bet iwaver has a few thousands of these already made and once they whip it out and lots of people buy, the people will find out they are crap. they might jsut be holding it back so more people might want it

2006.07.25, 09:38 AM
i bet iwaver has a few thousands of these already made and once they whip it out and lots of people buy, the people will find out they are crap. they might jsut be holding it back so more people might want it

Not wanting to offend, but that's an interesting theory, but the budget invested in any new product (rc or other) I'm sure would never capacitate building up a stock of thousands until enough people are fooled to buy 'crap'.
I'm personally optimistic about these new products, and prepared to applaud Iwaver for being the first EVER to build a production 1/28 buggy. Let's wait to judge quality, but I'm prepared to sacrifice some mouldings burrs for the sake of an rc product that no-one else makes. Risks like this are what expands our hobby ! Just my 2 yen worth (?!)

2006.07.26, 02:43 AM
Also not wanting to offend, but it does bring up an interesting soap box to climb on:

Scary to think of how little U.S. public schools and even colleges are teaching about corporate purchasing, acquisition, manufacturing methods and processes these days. Vast majorities of the population seem to envision some quaint Santa’s elves assembly line type process when it comes to making something like an RC car. I suppose it’s because of commercials showing a quick and easy pre-determined module assembly without regard to what it took to make the modules, or TV programs showing chocolates being pumped out one at a time day in day out. Words like tooling, lots, or production runs seem to have no meaning whatsoever.

Was trying to think of what it would take and cost for the “few thousand” cars and it seems to me a cost effective minimum production run would have to be at least 60K+ units with some serious cash for the initial tooling costs, so I’m guessing you’d easily have to fork out a million+ US, which is quite a bit of capital to let sit and wait until you “whip it out” not to mention the warehousing costs since you’d have to store them somewhere while you where waiting.

You estimate (project) the desired quantity, you tool, you buy supplies including parts made by other manufacturers like electronics and gears, you make, you assemble, you package you ship, then you teardown and set-up for something else, if it sells you set back up for another run hopefully with a larger quantity for the second lot. Equipment and people have to be working or your people are unemployed and you go bankrupt trying to pay for the equipment and facilities no matter where they are made and thats the short version.

2006.07.28, 11:19 PM
LBRC = Production man of my deams. I'd hire you in a second!