View Full Version : Arkansas racers?

2006.07.22, 06:48 PM
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I didn't know where to post it.

Are there any mini-z racers in Arkansas? When I get my mini-z I want to have someone to race.


2006.07.22, 11:56 PM
What part of Arkansas are you in? Me I am in the south west part of the state.

2006.07.23, 01:32 PM
Oh sorry I'm not down there. I live up in Northwest Arkansas. Fayettville to be exact.

2006.07.25, 02:02 AM
I do have family in Waldron, I am open to interest around that area as well. Maybe get statewide racers together, if there is enough interest in that. I guess that is hard to do with gas prices around $3 a gallon.

2006.07.25, 07:54 PM
Yeah we could maybe only have it once a year. Something like this: "The 2007 Arkansas Mini-z championship" We could pick a city each year and everyone that has I mini-z show up at the city and race for a prize or something. I have family way down south so we could have one there. we could have some in Little Rock. Some up here where I live and some where you live. And the some in Fort Smith and Maybe Pine Bluff. (Man that's a mouth full) I have got a reply on another website about some guy that lives up where I live that has a xmod and a mini-z. He also said something about some guys over in Tulsa Oklahoma that have agreed to come and race here.

Then again there are those sky high gas prices like you said. we'll just have to see if we can get more than 2 guys for raceing.

I haven't even got my mini-z yet. I can't wait.

but I'll have time to practice on how to beat everyone. :rolleyes: :p