View Full Version : MC3: Race on Sat. July 29th at Toronto Zees

2006.07.24, 09:18 AM
This coming Saturday, the Mini-Car Club of Canada (MC3) will hold a race at Toronto Zees. This is an indoor event.

Time is 1-6 pm. Setup will start at 1pm. Practice will start at 1:30 or 2:00 pm depending on when we finish setup. If you cannot help setup, you must help teardown. If you do not wish to help or cannot, that is okay, but you will have to pay $5 plus any prorated fee to race. This is done to ensure that the workload is evenly distributed among all the club members.

Cost is prorated between all attending members. The charge is $30 to rent the CORE lap timing system. The cost of transponders (which is highly recommended) is $10 each. Each transponder is capable of holding a lot of information such as: your name, list of your 4 most popular frequencies, your rank, your type of car, itís colour and the model of R/C car you use.

Toronto Zees is located at 1420 Dupont Street, which is the Northwest corner of Dupont and Lansdowne. It is an old industrial warehouse. Once inside the complex, proceed to the northeast part of the building. There is a door leading inside with a stairwell. Go to the 2nd floor and follow the signs that say Toronto Zees (which have arrows).

If you have a lot of gear, call me on my mobile 647-519-8074 and I will come get you. We will then take the freight elevator. It is accessible through doors (by the loading dock) at the northwest part of the building (parking area).

Questions? Email me: Sinister_y@sympatico.ca

See you there.

2006.07.24, 09:41 PM
is it ok to just come and watch? i just bought a mini-z from ebay and i don't know if it'll arrive by the weekend

2006.07.25, 11:41 AM
is it ok to just come and watch? i just bought a mini-z from ebay and i don't know if it'll arrive by the weekend

I'm going to answer on the part of Sinister_Y: Absolutely.

Last time running I had a friend drop by to watch, hoping to swing him into joining the hobby. Still working on that... but come out and watch for sure. It'll make you wish you car had arrived already! ;)


2006.07.31, 08:21 AM
Yesterday was lots of fun... Decent turnout for some racing. Except for F1, there was only two of us... but we raced anyway.

You got the results (times) available shawn?


2006.07.31, 01:28 PM

Did you take any pictures for this event?

Too bad its a work day for me... :o

2006.07.31, 01:48 PM
Yes I did, but they sucked... I still haven't figured out how to use my new camera...

I'll post some tonight or tomorrow morning.

My times are becoming a lot more consistent... I was almost able to keep up with shawn in the A-main. He finished 9 seconds ahead of me on the same lap...


2006.07.31, 04:49 PM
Wait until I finish my setup work on the AD MR-02...you'll be toast...

Seriously though, it was a good event. My AWD 98mm car is working mint. The only thing is that I had to glue the bloody spur on the drift shaft to keep it from falling off.

I dubbed the video footage to DVD last night...looks like crap on my plasma though...must try it on a regular TV or buy a new HD vid cam...hmmm the fiance already wants to kill me ; )

2006.07.31, 04:51 PM
Oh yah Paul...did you mention that lap was with me pulling the car off the track to tighten my battery connections?....

Seriously though, you are getting better. I looked at our laptimes and stuff today before emailing everyone and the proof is in the pudding. Keep up the good work and practice, practice, practice...

2006.08.01, 07:46 AM
Yeah, I forgot about that lap where you cheated... picking up your car on one side of the timing loop and then putting it down on the other!!! Thankfully we all heard that.. ;)

Don't worry, I'll pay greg off to hit you and then I'll pass by both of you!!!

I've got a few good stationary shots of one of your cars... but all the action shot's were crap. I really need to get the manual out for this camera.


2006.08.01, 07:54 AM


Those are the only two shots that actually came out... I'm not sure what was wrong with the camera, but even the fully auto mode shots didn't come out for some reason.