View Full Version : how fast is the monster?

2006.07.24, 09:44 PM
i want to pick one up and want to know how fast it is b/c i'd like to drive it around my basement, but don't want to be bouncing off the walls.

should i just take it outside?

2006.07.25, 01:49 AM
The Monster comes out of the box with a 10 tooth pinion on it, it is perfect for indoor running. In my opinion the 11 and 12 tooth pinion is a little too fast (and slow stopping) for running inside with. The 9 tooth is a little low geared for me. The two 9 and 10 tooth pinions help with stopping quickly when you get close to the wall. I run mine inside all the time, I have larger RC's that I run outdoors. I have run mine outside a few times to see how well they do, suprisingly good I would say.