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2006.07.25, 07:52 PM
Hey guys I have an mr02 and a ma010. The mr02 has knuckles, damper disk, tie rod, bearings and a pn nm motor. The ma010 has bearings, kuckles and stock motor. Well I am driving really good now and I think I am ready for fets and hot motor. Which motor do you guys recommend? I was thinking Pn s03, s04 or anima and can I run them with 2 x 2 fets or it needs to be 3 x 2?

2006.07.25, 08:12 PM
are you getting the fets/hot motor for the mr or the ma? email me and I can get you a custom made motor done by myself. Pattern wound and all of the above. IMO fet upgrades and hot motors are not neccessary for the mr02 and i have no idea what to say about the ma010 because i dont own one or know what they're like. I do know that the ma010 runs some pretty nice fets so a fet upgrade wont matter that much.

hot motors are >P. The only thing you need to do is find a track motor thats high turns and high torque and just put another pinion on it. I run a 52T pattern wound long arm in an atomic can with a 9T pinion and I love it.

To me fets are only needed for one thing, to be efficient and have much less resistance compared to the stock fets. The use of 'hot motors' is kinda dumb because your motor will be burning up by the end of the race. Resistance is directly proportional to the increase in temperature. So, thats why I enjoy running a high turn motor. Because it doesn't heat up so it keeps fast even until the end of the race. Now, if you're talkinga bout upgrading the fets for the upgrade in juice then yes this makes a difference. Just swaping over to a upgraded pair or 2x2 stack would be nice. I really like the nelly evo thouhg. It has much less resistance then any other option out there. Yes it is a little bigger then fet upgrading but the effectiveness makes up for it. GL man!

2006.07.26, 10:29 AM
I don't recommend turbos much anymore (unless you're racing guys with turbos :D ), as an ex-speed junkie myself... I can honestly say, I get closer racing with stock fets than with turbos.

2006.07.26, 12:12 PM
Imxlr8ed, Thank you for your advice, but the thing is that we are having the first race at my lhs and there is not enough cars to make classes so I will be racing with people with fets and hot motors. I am currently using a pn nm on my mr02. I guess I'll see how do I do on sunday and go from there.