View Full Version : 1/25th Silverado [OL killer]

Over Land Man
2006.07.28, 06:32 PM
For the past week ive been working on a SSMT build up using ripper7s chassis templates

the thread over at ripper7racing shows my progress a bit more as i build


heres a couple pics basically finished before i took it out or anything. straight off the work bench

Over Land Man
2006.07.28, 06:34 PM
i guess you cant use img tags here :( bummer. is attaching the only way to go?

anyway heres some pics out on the trail.

2006.08.22, 05:18 PM
dude that rig is FREAKING AWESOME!!!! :D
Congrats on make such a cool R/C, but it doesnt look AT ALL like a SSMT........did you modify like everything???? chassis, suspension, axles....???? especially those axles.....where did you get those thing??? there are super cool.......


pomme de terre
2006.08.26, 04:18 PM
nice truck :D When we gona get some video?