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2006.07.28, 11:36 PM

There was a response given in the "themes" thread as follows:

The 1,1 means "measured from Core#1 to Core#1". If you have more Core systems, you'll get speed readings between the different sections of the track :-) I'll have to check whether or not you can change that window width.


My questions was if linking multiple systems together to create section timing (not speed) would be possible? i.e. Do you just plug in the 2nd usb hardware piece? I ask since my club will have 2 systems soon. I had hopes of creating timed sector tracking for me and my club members, like real life F1 style. This should enable them to either change their setup better for where they are losing the most time OR figure out where they need to increase their driving skill better, i.e. sweepers, hairpins, quick transitions etc...

If current CORE hardware systems (along with the current software) can be hooked up with one another, I would think of purchasing another (3rd) system. I figure with 3 systems, that would give 3 sectors and that should be enough as we usually run between 4-5 RCP tracks.

Also note that if this can work, I would consider using this for the club's 2006 PN Racing world cup regional race that we have on Sept 24th.

Thanks in advance.

2006.07.29, 05:42 AM
I think they would have to be at least 10 to 20 foot apart for them to operate in same room on same frequency etc... that is with out customizing the unit so 2 can work in same area... at least thats what I read about this type of electronics...

2006.07.29, 11:21 AM
the speed trap setup requires 2 loops so i am sure it's possibel to use two systems. core will correct me if i'm wrong...

2006.07.30, 09:48 PM
c'mon Core.....

2006.08.05, 02:48 PM
Hi All,

An update from CORE directly (in case anyone wanted to run multiple systems:

It looks like the current version of the software still supports multiple
units. However, we don't provide support for this feature since the
performance varies greatly with the setup. So, it may or may not work very
well for you.

Anyway, I will try it out. Thanks to Drac an Arch for their comments as well. I will an update here when I get around to it.

2006.08.06, 12:40 AM
Just the update as promised. The software does recognize the 2nd loop. IN the "Setup" screen there is now 2 rows, one for each loop. You can set each loop at "lap count" or "Speed". I tried all variations and nothing worked for me.

So, anyway, back to a single system. My dream lapcounting system would be very similar to CORE except to add sector timing capability. That would be excellent. Oh well, fingers crossed for Kyosho's release...