View Full Version : IMSC Stock mini Z A-Main

2006.08.01, 09:02 PM
This is the A main for our Race, I took the win w/ the red and silver MA010 that hits the rail in the final lap (fastest lap of the race haha!)


2006.08.02, 08:26 AM
Very nice. I'm glad that other clubs have started making videos and posting them. Nice driving, great line and great pace.

2006.08.02, 11:11 AM
Very good and fast driving. Nice vid! I like the crash at the end haha ;)

2006.08.02, 12:45 PM
That's pretty f-ing fast... I can understand why you guys took the PNWC.

2006.08.02, 02:16 PM
Thanx for the good comments guys; the AWD is coming along great... There is a couple of tips and tricks that we have under our sleeve, that we prolly will publish after this year's PNWC finals. The setup I've been developing is awesome so far, but it needs a tish more of off-power steering. I am gonna experiment w/ a front one way this weekend and see how it goes.

2006.08.05, 06:37 PM
Embarrasingly enough, I was in that video too... Working on the 98mm AWD Maclaren setup combined with my rusty driving kinda made me suck a lot. Came within a few tenths of Cristian's fastest lap on a flyer here and there, but most of the other laps were seconds off. I've got a "Kyosho-friendly" setup sheet that I need to get over to Kyosho America that combines what Cristian and I managed to tweak up at this race.

The F1 drove itself as usual. Got within 0.05s of Cristian's fastest lap with the AWD. woot! :p