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2006.08.02, 07:12 PM
For anyone interested I have a thread in the How Fast Are You - Online Point Series Subforum (http://www.mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22484) to keep track of our videos from our races.

We just started HFAY OLPS (http://www.saltlakemini-z.com/howfastareyou/howfastareyou.html) Season 2 (results posted of the first events posted in the next day or 2).

So far we have about 4 race videos from the new season and 10 videos from season 1.


2006.08.03, 10:57 AM
Love those vids... I'm still trying to get a better camera for our club so we can post our races as well. Would be cool to somehow overlap the videos to make it look like we we're all racing at the same time !

(yes... another wacky idea I had)

Actually, if we had the same camera, set it up in the same exact way... it might be a possibility... hmmmmm..... nahhhh, too much work ! ;)

2006.08.03, 11:50 AM
Yea we need bright green/orange RCP track, so the back ground is invisible, like weather dude... fix the camera directly above centered on the track... and then splice in 2 or more races, and just fill in the back with gray rcp color lol :) -- even if its our own race ;) race our self

2006.08.03, 12:28 PM
Probably look alot like that old video game... Super Sprint. :D
(the old arcade version with the super fast, finger breaking steering wheels was the best)
I wonder if RCP is looking into pop-up pole barriers ? :rolleyes:

Ok... I'll stop. Sorry to ramble on this thread Hobbycar... just havin fun.

Oh yeah, on a slightly more serious note... is it just me ? It always seems like when you're spectating a race, the cars look like they're going mach 5 !... but when you're racing, they seem to crawl along.

2006.08.03, 06:29 PM
It would be cool to splice videos together from different geographic locations :). Probably surreal looking, but cool none the less.

For our videos I'm just using the video feature on my wife's digital camera (Nikon 4100 I think). Actualy Crazy_Benz has been bringing his nicer Sony digital camera (these are the nicer looking videos). I do use a program (Sorensen Squeeze) to make the files smaller (from ~300MB to ~60 each 8 min video) before uploading them to YouTube or GoogleVideo.

imxlr8ed, if you let me beat you in the next couple races I won't say anything about you jumping on my threads ;)


2006.08.04, 10:16 AM
I'll see what I can do... ;) :D