View Full Version : July HFAY Results for DOW.

2006.08.03, 03:28 PM
Well... here we go again !


Once again, I tried my best to slow GTA and Gasman down as much as possible, but it was to no avail... they had a great slugfest for that lead... as far as they were concerned, I was invisible... I did get ahead of GTA in the first race though ! :p (finally) Then he suddenly remembered how to drive again.

Carl... our favorite newbie (actually Old Skool Xmodder) was dominating the B main quite thoroughly, Quinny and Enzok put up a great fight though.

Yes... Enzok came out of retirement to do some damage out there as well, apparently racing Zs is just like riding a bike... ;)

Jakindabox was just starting out with Gasman's old MR01 HFAY Benz, had a rough go at it, but we'll get him well practiced before the next one for sure !

Looking forward to a very tight point race for this season... good luck to all !