View Full Version : My new toy :D

2006.08.05, 10:55 AM
Just got this about a week ago, and it didnt take long for me to add my custom touches :D

2006.08.05, 10:58 AM
Three more

2006.08.05, 02:42 PM
:cool: It's lookin pretty sweet. You should paint those pieces matte black. And you should make a mount for some LEDs to light up the night ;) .

2006.08.05, 06:07 PM
The matte black was comin soon, I built them both last night in the midst of a thunder storm. I was thinkin about building a light set, but I wasnt sure how to do it and make it look really good, cause if it looks like crap, Im not going to put it on there.

2006.08.05, 07:50 PM
I built them both last night in the midst of a thunder storm.

I guess that explains your avatar j/k. Look's nice so far.

2006.08.05, 08:12 PM
Heh, that happened long before the thunder storm =D

Thanks for the compliments!

2006.08.05, 11:54 PM
Really nice!

Where'd you get the tires from?

2006.08.06, 04:39 AM
very cool !! i like the ride height on that thing ! ;)

i'm starting next week on a OL "crawler" with a lemo solar motor !
i'm searching for big ass tires(like yours) and a good body that has big wheel arches.
but first i have to go and get my second hand OL next week before i can begin...

2006.08.06, 03:10 PM
Awesome truck.
You should silver solder entire push bars so its solid constant color, but awesome none the less.

2006.08.06, 06:17 PM
Thanks for all the great comments!

I got the tires from Skyline Rider, but they are the TSL Super Swampers produced (now discontinued) by RCMotorsports.

I was thinking of running solder along the whole thing to make it all silver, but I think Ill just stick with the matte black paint.

2006.08.14, 04:23 AM
nice... i wish mine was that good looking lol