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2006.08.09, 11:46 PM
Here's some pics of my the latest Z addition, the Mini Cooper MR015-HM.


Rear - Soft Foam tyres, 8mm, stock rims.
Front - 30deg ATOMIC grooved tyres, 8mm, stock rims.
Front - 2deg knuckles, soft springs, hardened+polished kingpins.
Stock Stage 2 armature in a bb can with neo magnets....
Kyosho Ball diff (thanks tuner!!!)

That's about it. It's pretty stock. The tyres make a HUGE difference. This is setup to run indoors on floorboards....

I knew there was a reason for ripping up all the carpet when we renovated..... lol...

Here's some pics......


Here's a photo to show the difference between the two chassis', the enzo is of course mr02-MM.


It really handles the wooden floorboards well. I'm quite happy. The foams are really soft carpet racer type ones. They're from a different manufacturer to the Gandini foams I used so much. To me it looks like the foam is denser on this new batch I'm using. The GRP's look a tad more larger in the little "holes" in the foam. I dunno if I'm making much sense. But these soft 8mm foams I'm running are giving me better traction than my 11mm GRP's ever did......

Also the very short wheelbase gives me very tight cornering.

Or it could just be clean floorboards, lol, go figure......


2006.08.10, 08:40 AM
I saw your ride on GSR earlier today, and I must say it sure is cute....I mean cool, yeah, that's what I meant. Nice ride ph2t, so where is the Nelly?

2006.08.10, 05:57 PM
no nelly yet mate, just running stock fets. nelly will go in soon when I get time. Still at the moment I'm still trying to keep away from hitting incredibly hard victorian ash, wooden legs of the chairs and the dining table, lol...

The front end around the mounting clip is already bashed in a bit....

2006.08.15, 02:07 AM
is there some reason why I can't view the pics in this thread but they come up as links instead??? This functionality seems to start and stop at times, I could never figure it out.