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2006.08.10, 10:03 PM
I've been thinking of a wat to satisfiy my off road cravings until I get my Losi Mini LST, and I was thinking of making my Overland into a Baja racer, sort of like the one below. I'll start by making the wheelbase as long as possible, but as far as the body goes I'm not really sure if I should do a heavy chop job on my Harrier, or get a new model kit body/autoscale and start from there. But here are the questions I have:

What do I need to solder brass tubing?

Should I lower the CG?

Should I try to make my Harrier into a Pickup Truck-type racer?


2006.08.10, 10:14 PM
I did a similar thing to my xmod hummer :D . what you want to do is get a medium/soft suspesion setup (oil shocks would be best), lift the body a little bit, but not too much like 1inch. Get some quality/grip tires ( goodyear trackers, you can buy them here), a high torque gear setting and a new body would be good. The Toyota Harrier Look great as an SUV, but a Land Cruser would look nice when modified to be a truck. I would sugest getting an unpainted body so you can paint it baja style.As far as brass work goes, ive personally never done much. Should be easy enogh tho.Thats about it. My xmod truck does great on jumps and is a lot of fun. (not as fun as my OL tho :cool: ) Good Luck :) !!!

2006.08.15, 05:15 PM
I did some more work today. When the new Nissan Titan Xmod comes out I might try to mount it on my overland depending on it's length. I have mine stretched out to A-2 right now, but I'd still like suggestions on what to do.

2006.08.15, 07:40 PM
I would do the LSSM mod (a quick search will find it for you) use a toyota land cruiser with the rear two windows chopped off, with a brass tire mount streching from the chopped roof to the chopped tailgate, cut off both the front and back bumpers, enlarge the wheel wells, use the trackers as lexus suggested. All this would make a pretty decent looking baja racer. If you wanted to go real big remove the windows cut off the winshield and replace it, and replace the driver and passenger windows with netting, and making a bumper like that out of brass stock wouldnt be too hard, just make sure to scuff up the area you are soldering with either a knife or sandpaper to give the solder something to grab onto.

pomme de terre
2006.08.15, 08:30 PM
I would personally not do the LSSM mod, itll just make your car flip way too easily. Stock shocks and larger tires would give enough clearance and enough travel for a "racer"

2006.08.16, 09:25 PM
This is true, but you cant beat the baja look of the LSSM with small (near stock) sized tires :D