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2006.08.11, 08:24 AM
I have big problem with small models.
I want buy off-road model in scale 1:28 but I don't know which model i should buy.
I think about truckin and overlander.
In shop where I can buy these model is truckin f-150 and mini-z overland porsche cayen.
F-150 is for me more pretty but mini-z have beter performance.
Truckin with 4wd, hilift and lights uprades is even cheper than mini-z.
But overlander has very good suspension.
What do you think about it???
Please help :) :rolleyes:

2006.08.11, 09:29 AM
Is the trucking F 150 an Xmod?

2006.08.11, 10:09 AM
go with the mini-z overland. They rock! You can get a F-150 for the overland if you really want to run a truck body.

2006.08.11, 12:44 PM
Yes thid ford f-150 is truckin.
In kyosho.de I heard that f-150 will be about after 3 months.
Now they have only porsche cayen, bmw x5 and toyota harrier.

Have you got any photos or movies with xmods truckin???

2006.08.13, 06:31 PM
go with Mini-Z! better in a lot of ways

http://www.rcauta.net/img/salvatore/thminioff1.jpg (http://www.rcauta.net/img/salvatore/minioff1.jpg)http://www.rcauta.net/img/salvatore/thminioff2.jpg (http://www.rcauta.net/img/salvatore/minioff2.jpg)http://www.rcauta.net/img/salvatore/thminioff3.jpg (http://www.rcauta.net/img/salvatore/minioff3.jpg)http://www.rcauta.net/img/salvatore/thminioff4.jpg (http://www.rcauta.net/img/salvatore/minioff4.jpg)

2006.08.13, 09:40 PM
Salvatore, do you have any other pics of your track setup? It looks fantastic from what I can see!

klima, in those pictures the "Truckin" (most people refer to them as xMod trucks) truck is the orange F-150, the Mitsubishi Pajero (white) and BMW x5 (blue) are both Mini-Z's

2006.08.14, 03:09 AM
I think that I'll take overland but...
Has truckin full proportional control???

Have you more photos truckin vs mini-z???

2006.08.14, 04:18 AM
go for overland, you won't regret it lol

2006.08.14, 07:54 AM
Yea I am waiting for porsche cayen or toyota harrier.
Unfortunately f-150 is inaccessible now :mad: :(

2006.08.14, 04:48 PM
The xMod has "Semi" probo controls, I think it has something like 8 step steering or something like that, where-as the mini-z has true proportionial steering.

2006.08.15, 09:42 PM
Xmod truck as crappy plastic. And very little suspension travel, I can get it to articulate an inch stock, with soft springs.

2006.08.15, 10:00 PM
Yeah deffinetly get a mini z. way better and way cool :)