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2006.08.11, 04:14 PM
We had a bit of a problem when a young member of our club decided to upgrade from an Xmod to a Mini-Z. He placed his order for a good looking corvette, but it was a MR-01! This is a lot of money for a 10 year old and I wanted him to get a current model MR-02 so I posted the shop, explained the problem and got an immediate reply. "No problem they said. Just send it back and we will order the one he wants (it was out of stock) from Kyosho right away." The shop communicated regularly with Sam and even copied me in as a courtesy. When they got the MR-01 back they issued a full credit and told Sam just how to reorder. Alas, Sam again made an error in ordering but this time we caught it before it shipped. The Shop has now shipped the red 360 GTC MR-02 and Sam will have it any day now.

This situation could have gotten really complicated and may not of had a very happy ending for our young racer but the Shop/TinyRC made it easy for us. Even injecting a bit of humor into the situation. I can not remember having a better customer service experience, EVER.

Take it from me, the man behind the curtain at the shop IS the wizzard.