View Full Version : D****** Order, Soon to be fixed Ol :D

2006.08.11, 04:46 PM
1 GPM (#MOL1013) Alloy Motor Mount (BU) For OverLand USD$28.90
1 GPM (#MOL1028A) Alloy Front Damper Mount (Long) (SV) For OverLan USD$12.90
1 GPM (#MOL1030A) Alloy Rear Damper Mount (Middle) (SV) For OverLa USD$9.90
1 GPM (#MOL1031) Alloy Rear Heat Sink For Motor (SV) For OverLand USD$11.90
1 GPM (#MOL1032) Alloy Mount For Main Gear (SV) For OverLand USD$8.90

Sub-Total: USD$72.50
AIR >>HK To US 1 x 220 Shipping: USD$6.60
Non-Refundable Bank Charge: USD$2.14
Total: USD$81.24

I just hope it doesnt take too long to get here! Once it does Ill have to strip down the rear gearbox to be silver, they didnt have any silver listed which bummed me out, but Ive stripped anodizing before so it should be easy :D

2006.08.11, 05:20 PM
How do you go about de-anodizing the aluminum?

2006.08.11, 09:29 PM
You let the parts soak in Easyoff Oven Cleaner, wipe it off with a paper towel, and polish the **** out of it with a dremel polishing kit :D

2006.08.14, 04:13 AM
won't it be a bit too heavy?

2006.08.14, 04:52 PM
It will be heavier, yes, but it wont be too heavy.