View Full Version : iwaver 02. Where to purchase ?

2006.08.13, 06:18 PM
I have an iwaver 02 which is great. I've banged it up so much, but the thing just keeps going. I've had it fall 6 feet onto a concreate floor. My friend ran his kyosho into my iwaver when I didn't have the body on it. He took out the entire front tire/casing. The funny thing is that I was still able to drive this car with the remaining 3 tires.

I am eager to get a replacement iwaver 02. But I can't find any website where I can buy it from. Please advise where I can purchase the iwaver 02.


2006.08.14, 10:18 AM
Right here in the shop!


Search for "IW-02" to find the rest.

2006.08.15, 08:33 AM
It the the MR-02 clone? I always thought it was the other Iwaver.

2006.08.15, 01:24 PM
Not sure if the shop carries the MR-02 clone or the tower revision, sorry.

2006.08.26, 01:30 AM
I have several NIB iwaver02's , for $80USD shipped to the USA/CANADA.

Im in new zealand , that's why shipping is so expensive. But if you ordered from t-o-y-e-a-s-t it would cost you $79 shipped anyway :p