View Full Version : MC3 Vote: who will turn up at Fastcats?

2006.08.14, 09:35 AM
Hi fellow (MC3) club members,

Just wanted to create a thread whereby I can count the # of people who would turn up on Saturday for an open practice event if it was held at Fastcats. I would like to know this information before making all the arrangements. Please participate...Thanks!

2006.08.14, 10:20 AM
Sorry... tied up that weekend.


2006.08.14, 02:32 PM
Hey Shawn,

I know if we help with set up or tear down, MC3 is an free event. Do we have to pay a fee for fastcats for using their pit table and the facility?

I might be able to come if Edwin goes too...

2006.08.14, 05:52 PM
Hi Peter,

Yes, the event would be free as normal (for practices). However, Fastcats had asked me how ppl were coming since they have work to do to get the area ready for us and work to put back the area the same way when we were done. If there weren't a lot of ppl, then there were doubts whether we could/would hold the event or not. I had suggested that the guys could help them with their track setup/teardown which was received positively. If everyone could commit to doing this, then we could hold it no matter what.

Right now, we've a great bunch of guys,however, as stated, many of them are in Markham (like yourself). Not everyone has cars or is willing to drive that far from their neighbourhood. So, each event is getting no less than 10 guys, with the max at about 16 for the ZZhobby event.

If you and Edwin (senior) go, that will be at least 5 of us as other ppl have emailed me and said yes to the event. Ideally, I would like a few more, say even 10 would be great. Let me know for sure if you are coming (and Edwin). Maybe you could ask Vincent to come as well (and anybody else that has the mini-z sitting around & was part of our old TOMZ group)? I know that Klaus and Kevin were looking to race somewhere, but I do not have their contact info...

Anyway, let me know what is going on by no later than Wednesday. IF things don't hit at 8-10 guys, Saturday's event will either be cancelled or moved somewhere else.



pomme de terre
2006.08.16, 08:19 PM
So is it still going to be at Fastcats? I need to know because I have some other plans if I wont be able to go to the event.

2006.08.16, 09:12 PM
The event is not happening at Fastcats now. There wasn't enough ppl who responded. We will hold an event with Fastcats later in the year and it will probably be a trophy race.

Saturday's event will be held at the new Toronto Zees location (clean, new, open space with air conditioning!). The locale is really close to the old address, it is 1444 Dupont St, Unit 16. The event will be held inside, it will run from 3pm to 8pm. We could make this a race if there are enough people show up. If we hold a race, it will cost $5 per person to cover the cost of renting the CORE laptiming system.

Call me on my mobile if you cannot find the place...647-519-8074