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2006.08.14, 04:46 PM
I had to be first to do it with the MVB09-2 part set from the shop. This part set is nice though, it has the plastic tank parts in black. You can find it quickly on the new products page in the shop.


Here's the link to it.

2006.08.14, 05:53 PM
Here's some better shots, I hope. note the rear wheel position. The front look's right but the rear would have to be extended to fill out the body.

2006.08.14, 07:07 PM
Love the truck man, how did you get the body so high like that. :D

2006.08.14, 08:15 PM
It looks a little too high...can you lower it at all?

2006.08.14, 08:35 PM
That's where the MVB09-2 part puts it. It's good though keeps the tires off the body. With the Kyosho alloy shock mounts I can always set the shocks lower, in these shots the shocks are in the bottom holes. I had it set on that so I can try to pull a few wheelies with it, with the F 150 it is hard to do.

2006.08.14, 08:38 PM
you could also tighten down a set of stock shocks or even use a set of low downs to lower the body

2006.08.14, 08:55 PM
Even with it that high the truck still drives stable. I did manage to loose the driver side mirror in the drive. The only time it flipped was when I hit the corner of my RCP track. I set the shocks lower and used the overland with the monster body set on it next to it.

2006.08.19, 07:34 PM
Here are some close up shots. I have been working on some extension links to set the wheelbase out more, got ideas from another thread here. Stay tuned for updates on that.

2006.08.27, 02:00 AM
Looks good Hammer, got to love the Ford truck.
I too have started a custom Ford F150 (older style body) with a blower sticking up out of the hood and interior with driver figure. Rool bar and other goodies to follow soon.
It's not done yet but the basics are finished so I thought I would share it with you.
I tried to jeep mine low enough that the tires just barely clear and used my own custom mounts.

2006.10.23, 01:26 AM
They both look nice, but I prefer lower body mounting.

2006.10.23, 11:56 AM
I like it high, and with the suspension travel I didn't want to cut up the body. It look's wicked next to the Mini Mad Force. I set it high on the alloy kyosho mounts to try and do wheelies, and even then it is difficult with the longer wheelbase.

2006.10.25, 11:57 PM
Dremel will fix that...little bit off the wheelwells and all. ;)