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2006.08.14, 07:16 PM
Look what I found today.


Anybody else excited for the Titan?

2006.08.14, 08:46 PM
a Scion TC? Really? Sweet! I want one. Is it for Evo chassis? And is there a body kit for it!

2006.08.14, 08:48 PM
a Scion TC? Really? Sweet! I want one. Is it for Evo chassis? And is there a body kit for it!
it clearly says evo in the title. they do not make body kits for all the bodies do they? you may be able to order it right from them as a parts kit though?

2006.08.14, 10:15 PM
yeah theres a body kit for every body they make. It'd have to be a basher/shelf queen though. (IMO)

2006.08.14, 10:17 PM
Body kits as in the bumpers or shell alone?

The bumper kits will be avalible for all xmods, as they have been in the past.

And although it's bad to advertize shops other than the one in tinyrc.com, I'm pretty sure Atomicmods will have the shells alone for sale once released. I hear you can order bodies at Radioshack, but I've never tried myself.

2006.08.17, 10:02 PM
yes you can i did it once for a camaro and it was like 10 bucks for the clip and body but shipping lagged a bit

2006.08.20, 07:09 PM
how much would you sell it for?

2006.08.25, 03:32 PM
credit tekisui @ scionlife

The Scion looks werid...

2006.08.25, 03:39 PM
credit tekisui @ scionlife

that titan is FRIGGIN' SWEET!!!
when are they coming out though?
i would get the titan along an F-150.
the scion Tc looks like a little like a chevy cobalt....maybe it is....
any news on other truck coming out??? i would lovea 4runner, one of the new ones...of course, with a hood scoop and all the little details......
that would be sweet.....


2006.08.25, 06:21 PM
Scion is pretty , eh...
The Titan looks great,
What do you think Color?
Should I even bother posting it on GSR :p

2006.08.25, 09:57 PM
Nah...I think everyone has seen the "new" xmods to death.

scion: thumbs down
Titan: thumbs up

Cowboy's wish for the all time best xmod...Koenigsegg CCX. :D