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2006.08.15, 06:18 AM
g'day folks!

i see lots of familiar names here so some of you know me already.
for everyone else, don't believe a word they say! :p

of all my rc's my mini z mr02 is my serious track racer. i have it dialed in so it's a joy to drive.

the current setup:
nelly 1.1
pn s04
9t pinion
3racing ball diff
atomic alloy rims
trued foams rear, kyosho 30 deg radials front
pn alloy mm motor mount
kyosho oil shock (no spring)
atomic hard frpt plate (hard roll spring)
med iwaver front springs
gpm 3 deg alloy knuckles (also use 2 deg depending on the track)
3racing gold kingpins
.5 deg toe in tie rod
atomic alloy body mount
atomic titanium screw set
custom zz lightset
kyosho autoscale gulf racing mclaren f1 gtr body

just for kicks i control it with my futaba 3pk, i have a 27mhz am "mini z cup" module :cool:

2006.08.15, 04:19 PM
Lol that's tiight but whats with the pink lol welcome!

2006.08.15, 06:10 PM
Welcome to the forum betty.k!

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

2006.08.16, 08:37 AM
well i like going out to dinner, long walks on the beach........ :rolleyes:

the listing said purple, i swear!! :D

most of the time you see 2 cars racing in one of ph2t's vids, i'm the other one ;)

i started out in rc's a few years ago with bit char g's and other assorted micros.
that led to i wavers, xmods, 1:10's (hpi's, rs4 rally, rs4 mt) then into z's.

along the way i've also built a couple of rc tanks that carry my wireless camera around the garden and recently got into helicopters!

and to think all this started with a $15 bit :D

2006.08.16, 08:39 AM
and to think all this started with a $15 bit :D

HAH! Same here but for me it was a Zip Zap...

2006.08.16, 10:58 AM
HAH! Same here but for me it was a Zip Zap...

heh...zip zap's were the first for me too!

2006.08.16, 11:33 AM
Xmods for me. I bought the zip zap for my boy :)

2006.08.16, 12:22 PM
Yea, its funny how people get into the hobby. Odd too since once you get in and know whats out there, each car/rc is so loaded. Like xmod vs. mini-z, look the same but totally different to us now that we have the experience.

So for me: bit clone -> mini-x -> abc dtm sp -> started racing at a 1/10 indoor onroad carpet track -> XRay M18 -> AE RC18T for my core progression, picked up some gen1 xmods and other stuff along the way. Just got a AWD mini-z and I picked up a blade CP about 8 months ago. Deliberately staying out of anything > 1/18 if you hadn't guessed :)

Nice to see you here betty :)

MINIz guy11
2006.08.16, 03:16 PM
wow, i started out with the toys r us nikkos and that led to 1/10th-Zs-xmods-Zs-1/18th-Zs

2006.08.16, 08:53 PM
it's good to see the resident aussie population increase by 100%, lol...

2006.08.16, 10:35 PM
No shelf queen there! Has the battle scars of a real racer. I Like the extra hole for the antenne, puts it right over the mount I suspect.

2006.08.17, 03:02 AM
I Like the extra hole for the antenne, puts it right over the mount I suspect.

that's actually where the hole on the iwaver mclaren body is.
i first used an iw bod then when i got the kyosho one rather than make a new aerial i just drilled a new hole.
when it broke i just made a new one to match the "kyosho" hole.

hehehehe, "k hole" :D

2006.08.22, 11:24 PM
Nice to see you here, betty, you can now keep ph2t some company. :p

Hm... for me, it's Xmods -> Mini-Z. I thought ZZ's were way too high...

2006.08.22, 11:48 PM
"k hole" :D

is that a drug reference? tisk tisk!

2006.08.23, 03:00 AM
is that a drug reference? tisk tisk!
boom chika boom chika boom chika boom chika

whazzat man?? can't hear you over the music! :D

2006.08.26, 06:58 AM
Dont belive a word they say

Even that everyone down under sounds "***". - I qoute the annoying 12 year old , JordanQ from BP. :p

Nice to see you join up betty , Still havent found a single member from New Zealand yet :( . Only one guy but he just so happens to be on the other island :eek: . Just my luck aye. Lucky aussies , you got it all :p