View Full Version : New Mini LST

2006.08.18, 12:18 PM
Yesterday I bought a new Losi Mini LST, and I am very happy with it. The suspension is amazing, and it dwarfs my Overland. I havent driven it much because of 4 hour charge times, but it accelerates wicked fast, and has a turn radius smaller than a Gen 1 Xmod's. If you're looking into 1/18 definitley check out the MLST.

2006.08.18, 05:59 PM
I have one also (Got it for Xmas) I have had sooo much fun with this truck. Its currently in pieces (Trying to do a revo shock mod) I even have a Mamba Comp-X on it and I have only stripped the gears once. :D

2006.08.18, 11:25 PM
I bought the upgrade motors and can only say it didnt get me as much more speed for the money I spent on the motors and pinion gears.
If you are cost consious stay with the stock its plenty fast.
Great truck.