View Full Version : Crazy mini-z Drag Racing

2006.08.21, 03:45 PM
Last weekend in our club we make a crazy Drag Racing race, with modified mini-z with 2 motors, 8 batteries on a 10 meters foam "racetrack" :P

Here is the link for donwload the video in high quality:


And youtube link:


Video credits: Cromagt

You can also see some pics here:

Some notes to understand the subtitles:

Alimentación: Powered by
Pilas: Batteries

2006.08.21, 07:43 PM
I love the mini z action but was that madonot music I heard for back up :eek:

2006.08.30, 03:45 PM
Man, those cars look pretty squrelly. Maybe you guys should use a divider down the middle of the track and along the parimeters. That way, you guys won't have a collisions or cut into the other racer's lane. All of the cars but one stayed in their own lane. If the parimeters were there, then I think it would be a better race for all of you. Goodluck.

2007.02.27, 09:04 AM
First drag video of Mini-Z's I have seen. With all that responsive steering, it's a very rare sight.

What was the winning car clocking in KPH?