View Full Version : Bay Area, CA region race at NorCal 9/30

2006.08.23, 12:56 AM
enjoy the huge RCP track, the date 9/30 confirmed, more information coming soon,
NorCalhobbies.com (http://www.norcalhobbies.com) and PN Racing (http://www.pnracing.com)


2006.09.13, 06:35 PM
PN Racing Mini-Z World Cup 2006

NorCal Hobbies, Bay Area CA

September 30, 2006

2WD Stock Class

AWD Stock Class

Touring Car Mod Class

F1 Stock Class

Pan Car Mod Class

(minimum entries required 6 person each class)

************************************************** ************

Track Open at 7:00am

Start race at 9:00am

Download Entry Form and send back to NorCal Hobbies before 9/26/06

Entry Form doc. (http://www.pnracing.us/entryform-norcal.doc)

Entry Form pdf (http://www.pnracing.us/entryform-norcal.pdf)

All racers please take a look of the RULES (http://www.pnracing.us/2006rules-region.htm)

************************************************** **************

NorCal Hobbies

30600 Union City Blvd, Union City, CA 94587

Tel : 510-324-5700

40 feet x 22 feet RCP Track

2006.09.13, 07:04 PM
Now THATS the type of building you put a mini-z track in LOL :)

2006.09.23, 08:11 AM
I booked my flights last night. I have not gotten in touch with Christian to see if he is in.. I am bringing my son who is new to the hobby and has really shown some awsome skills in only a couple of months..

I was out there last week on business and stopped in.. Very nice set up guys@!.. You need to take more pics.. FYI people.. they have a ton of mini z stuff... plus much more.. I was like a kid in a candy store..

See you guys on Friday.


HP Invent
2006.09.23, 05:29 PM
thats a old picture of the old track. they have a new track design now

2006.09.24, 03:34 PM
Right now I'd say there is about a 90% chance that I will make it. I will find out on monday.

2006.09.25, 02:14 AM
Look forward to seeing you again Sean.

Hopefully you can make it Christian.Should be fun!


NorCal Hobbies

2006.09.25, 02:48 AM
Hey Cristian. I met Sean and he's a pretty kewl cat. He also knows Brian Bosley. Anyways, we saw a video of you driving on atomicmod.com. You're pretty fast dude.

I will take photos tommorrow of the current layout we have and I will post them today ( 9/25 ).

2006.09.25, 01:49 PM
Thnx for the props guys, just waiting to hear back from Atomic Mods to give me the ok to go and I will book a flight.

2006.09.25, 06:14 PM
Wuz up guys. I just posted some photos of the track. Here is the direct link:


2006.10.01, 11:57 PM
Roger... Nor-Cal hobbies... I had a great time racing with you guys... Very nice track and racers... I hope to see you guys at the PN Nationals in CT this month..

I will be back soon..


2006.11.09, 09:34 PM
Guys.. I will be out again next week.. when do you guys run?


What is your inventory like these days? I need some more stuff..