View Full Version : Neo magnets

2006.08.23, 11:37 AM
I see that having those around a motor seems to add ooooomph to the beast. I have some of the round ones that I use at home for fun. If I put thos around my motor do you think it will have the saem effect ?

2006.10.19, 03:14 PM
If you align them correctly it should help, but do yourself a favor and buy neo motor magnets to put inside the can in place of the stock magnets...it'll work ALOT better.

2006.10.19, 09:24 PM
The shop here has LOTS of neo magnets for inside the motors... best quality of any of them :) and strongest... but they are not listed yet... so use email if ya want any ;).

2006.10.21, 06:31 PM
Would these help at all in a crawler?

Edit: I mean give me more torque?

2006.10.21, 08:11 PM
My neo magnets were tested in an x speed and stock motor... they llitterly DOUBLE The torque... a micron hair increase and or even a decrease in amps... they like to eat more juice tho... before the motor will start to spin, so its a jerky start, wich is not good for a crawler, unless you gear it propperly... like major reduction. Either that or you gota learn to be nice to the throttle trigger ;). (the magnets I speak of the shop here now possesses and not me). They are worth 10$ a pair.. however other companies are selling cheaper neo magnets... so there is a delay listing them at 10$ since everyone else is buying the other companies magnets... offer the shop $6.00 a pair via email im sure hell sell a few that cheap, especialy if you want more than 1 pair.