View Full Version : My xmod baja racer

2006.08.23, 01:18 PM
well i am building a baja racer


I have tire questions..... i was wondering wat tires would be the best for a baja racer? i was thinking swampers but i might want somethin a little small with the same aggressive tread. I dont want lego tires though is there anything in between?

2006.08.23, 06:08 PM
goodyear trackers are the tires for you. just fit them on the gen1/evo car rims and you're set to go! you can buy the trackers in the store here.

2006.08.23, 06:52 PM
Yo Custom, Do you have a picture of those GoodYears???

I may be interested.

Another choice for your Baja is to use the original BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires. They look great with the lift kit and offroad rims.

In fact they look so good I had to put the on my favorite overland.

2006.08.23, 08:51 PM
how big r the trackers?