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2002.04.06, 03:53 PM
Who can tell me some details for building an Lapcounting system with lasers and photo cells (similar like the system of SimpsonRC)??

Regards Franky:cool:

2002.04.06, 04:39 PM
If you or some one you know can program, you can use the PC GADGET to plug in some light sensors upto 12 I think.. maybe 10 or so... and then use laser pointers to shine on them, and turn it into a Lap Counter... but you gota program the counter.. or program/edit en existing program to work with it... I been planning on making one, but I suck at programing, so I will probly dictate what I want to some one else ;) I have a PC Gadget... it works nicely... but I aint exactly done much with it...

http://www.pcgadgets.com/ -- I got mine REALY cheap ;) but I had a good deal... they are about 100$ or so... you can do more with it like drive stepper motors etc.. so you culd have a start gate open and close ;) or have the track change randomly ;) a short cut ramp open/close hehehe... silly but fun.

2002.04.06, 05:54 PM
Drac, I could probably do the programming for you, send me the details.

2002.04.11, 03:56 AM

I did my first lap-counter really cheap and I am now making better one, but all this working takes too much time from my hobbies. (and the better one is not that much better (bit more accurate), just a project)

I described the lap counter here: http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=1029&perpage=15&pagenumber=2 .

Maybe I someday get digital camera from somewhere so I could take some pictures (sorry mini-z still no camera)... well ... That version does not even need any programming.

Now I am making microcontroller based timing system and I did one piece of software to use it with glsfr. But if you want easy, low-cost timing system I suggest you do something like in the thread. feel free to ask questions if my instructions are inaccurate.