View Full Version : front suspension travel too soft

2006.08.26, 10:52 AM
my fronts seem too soft. Is there a way to harden them. Stretch the springs ??or is there an XMOD set that I can use ?

2006.08.26, 11:59 AM
kyosho sells a spring set as does gpm.

gpm also offers alloy grease shocks which are much stiffer.

you can also buy 1/8" plumbing washers to put above the on the shock above the springs.

2006.08.26, 12:21 PM
kyosho sells a spring set

They come in a 6 pack. (2 Stiff (Red), 2 Normal (Yellow), & 2 Soft (Green).) The stiff ones are noticibly stiffer and it should solve your problem.