View Full Version : How do you Mount the Ring?

2006.09.01, 09:02 AM
For you guys that don't have RCP tracks, how do you have your CORE Antenna mounted ???

Got pics?


2006.09.01, 09:08 AM
I have mine taped to some poster board. that way I can just slide it under the track. this is good because it's always in the correct shape.

I can get pictures later if needed.

2006.09.01, 06:40 PM
It would be useful.

But the problem we are facing is that we have carpeted track and the carpet is glued to the floor. We could lift the carpet, and slide the ring underneath, but that would creat a bump. Not a viable solution.

So we are looking for ideas to use the ring above the track.

2006.09.01, 07:09 PM
You can make a PVC bridge over the track, just make sure your loop is exactly 12" wide. This is critical when running F1 Xsponders.

I've seen this done on TV when Core was on DIY running 10th scales.

2006.09.06, 01:31 PM
None of you guys that own CORE have other than RCP tracks???

Well now that we have the CORE system in our hands we have started building a stand to hold the ring above the track.

Pics will be coming soon. stay tuned.