View Full Version : Eh, PM box full?

2006.09.02, 09:19 PM
Hi everyone.

I'm not able to send a PM because I get an error saying it's full yet I just registered!!

Waiting for your advice. Goodbye

2006.09.02, 09:39 PM
Sorry to be a "volunteer mod," but this doesn't belong in the ma-010 forum ;). Anyway, the PM feature was disabled awhile back, not sure why. If you really need to contact someone on the forum, e-mail them.

2006.09.02, 10:57 PM
lime is correct. please post in the correct forum or it will just get moved to the recycle bin next time. and certainly don't post the same question more than once as well.

the pm feature has not been enabled in the 5 or so years i've been on this forum. there is no reason to expect that it will ever ben enabled so use other means such as email please. :)

2006.09.03, 10:10 AM
this person has posted 3 additional threads of the same topic in the wrong area after being asked not to atleast twice. he has since been banned.