View Full Version : any idea where i can get a 1:43 super slicks 4x4???

2006.09.02, 10:22 PM
hey all,
i was looking at some other forums and at some post made by a user called "EASY" about the 1/43 super slicks 4x4...i havent seen these at toys r us. has anyone seen them, lately??? anyways, does anyone have an idea of how i can get my hands on one of these little things??? or am i just not looking hard enough???
i mean they look pretty sweet, after a few mods...these could be friggin' rock crawlers!!! and cheap as dirt!!!
would love it is i could find one and start modding it


2006.10.01, 05:25 PM
I have one that needs a steering servo. I've got both upgrade kits, too. $30 will ship it to you, PM me if you're interested.