View Full Version : Spares for IW 04 (new model)?

2006.09.05, 05:50 AM
It seems to be a big problem to find spareparts for my Iwaver 04.
Ive searched all over the net but nobody offer spareparts to the newer 04. :confused:

Please, if somebody could help me with finding a sparepart-dealer you would make my day!

2006.09.05, 12:44 PM
wat do u need? i basically have a sparepart truck

2006.09.05, 03:15 PM
Thanks for your effort!
First of all i need a steering servo with servo-saver. I also need spareparts for the front-suspension. I have the possibility to get parts from a friends car, but it seems strange that there is no dealers that offers spareparts.

Could it be possible that Iwaver decided not to produce spareparts for this "middle model" awaiting for the Iwaver 05? If its the thing im going to throw my IW back to them :mad:

2006.09.05, 03:49 PM
soory to cut into a trade/sales here, but i was interested in muying an iwaver 04, but i havent found them any where....i read somewhere they where being discontinued for a newer chassis but the new one looks like crap.
so, would you guys recomend the iwaver 04? is a solid front axle 4wd? thats kinda what Im looking for. and what do you guys mostly use it for? racing or off-roading?
(not that i dont have other ones, just looked kinda nice to add an iwaver to my family of R/Cs, aside from wanting an SSMT143)


2006.09.05, 04:24 PM
sorry i have the chassis like the mzm

2006.09.05, 04:36 PM
It is not 4wd.
just buy a monster or overland, used if you have to.. you will be better off... since there are no parts available...

2006.09.08, 03:28 PM
f**k, its confirmed, there are no spareparts for Iwaver 04 :mad: a one year old model!!!

How can we ever in the future trust on Iwaver, buy a car and ops, no spares avaliable :confused:

2006.09.09, 07:44 AM
But Drac is right, buy a Kyosho at any price and be better off in the long run.

2006.09.10, 10:46 AM
I have a MZM and a firelap 04, both of which i find better than the Iwaver 04 truck. I've since removed the board from it for a project car, if you really need a spare parts truck i've got one. Email me sometime.