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2006.09.06, 03:58 PM
saw a picture, it looks ligit we will see right. just search iwaver 05

2006.09.07, 01:31 PM
pic? Saw this on some german(Or spanish) Mini-z blog.

2006.09.07, 11:39 PM
They're all on the Toy-east forums.
http://www.toy-east.net/forum/default.aspm (no "-" in toy-east)

2006.09.09, 07:47 AM
That thing is hideous... :eek:

2006.09.09, 02:51 PM
Yeah, I agree completely. Especially the monster truck. I mean, even Fastlane (superslicks) were able to design a nice looking 4wd truck.

2006.09.29, 04:57 PM
is that truck going to take AA bateries.look how big the batery holder is

2006.09.30, 11:09 PM
Yeah, it's going to use AA batteries. Even then, they're a tad big.

2006.10.07, 12:26 PM
That 05 truck looks so heavy (especially top heavy), even though it is 4WD I think I will have to pass, my SSMT is 4WD and the propo conversion was very easy for a lot less money

2006.10.07, 10:21 PM
i just hope the 05 or the 03 has independant suspension and seprates for electronics or at a least seprate 3 wire servo. i have the new style 04 with front independant suspension and i say it jumps and handles better than the old, too bad if i break it i am stuck for parts.

Getter Robo
2006.10.11, 09:02 AM
I guess it's just a prototype and the final version will look decent :)

Although these chassis look like 1:24 to me, just look at this new pic:


It also seems that it uses 280 size motors instead of 130. My guess on this one is that you will need liths and at least 2x8 fets to get decent speeds :P

2006.10.24, 03:38 PM
suprise, suprise the 03 and 05 are on the shelf until the problems with the 02 are worked out ; per philip at te

2006.10.25, 12:56 PM
not much of a surprise as they will be using the same PCB...

2006.10.25, 03:31 PM
not much of a surprise as they will be using the same PCB...

I thought I'd seen that the 03 and 05 were AM, I guess not? I would have assumed that they'd use the new board. Hope they get it right this time around, would be nice. Wonder if the 02M FM will work with standard FM radios, tho I'd need to track down a 27MHz module if so.