View Full Version : Is the MARS slow compared to 2PL???

2006.09.08, 11:12 PM
I have newly acquired a MARS EX-1 radio recently. I was able to test it just now with an AM module from a friend. (AM module is designed for MARS ex-1) To my surprised, I found that the radio seems to be responding slower than my 2PL with my MR02!

How can this be? Is it because this radio is meant for FM transmission, and adding a AM module to work with mini z has made it slower with the increased processing to convert to AM signals?

I have the radio steering and throttle speed set to 100, and 0% on the throttle and steering expo curves.. Am I missing something in the settings?

Right after I played with the MARS, I switched back to the 2PL to compare. The 2PL's response feels instant and the car reacts much faster to my inputs compared to the EX-1. I'm very puzzled. :confused:

Does anyone else own both radios that they can compare? Help!