View Full Version : Can a MZM be faster than a H8?

2006.09.09, 04:00 AM
Hi guys,

Will a 2 layer turbo-ed MZM with an iwaver xspeed plus be faster than a H8 on a brushed Kyosho xspeed motor? Wanting to upgrade the MZM but only will if it does :p


MINIz guy11
2006.09.09, 09:49 AM
the h8 isnt too fast even with a xspeed. maybe about 18mph with a xspeed. a MZM can go faster than that but i dont think it your setup will go fast enough.

2006.09.09, 10:32 PM
yea, if you're aiming for speed then grab a low turn motor. PN's Macho Modified Motor is a good example of this. If ya want then just hit me up with an email and I can make you a motor with any spec that you want. (pattern wound of course is standard with all of my motors....)