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2006.09.10, 10:34 AM
Have been a member of this site for a while, and only just gotten around to buying one of these cars.

I have about 30 something RC cars and only 1 Mini Z :D

Found it in a local store when i was dropping off my Savage SS for some work to be done, and as a spur of the moment purchase I had to get it

MR01 From what I have worked out, one of the FD3S Initial D Ready Sets, lots of fun, just need to get lots more mods for it now :D

Mini Z (http://www.stfocus.net/photography/v/rccars/KyoshoCars/minizmazda/)

The rest of my cars

The Rest (http://www.stfocus.net/photography/v/rccars/)


2006.09.10, 11:25 AM
nice buy. could have been on the shelf for years being an mr-01. re-release for that body is now on the mr-015.

you'll find you can still gets lots of fun out of an mr-01. afterall, it was the only choice for years.

you have a large rc collection :p since your signed up here, you have member gallery space in the gallery. all you have to do is go to the gallery page, see link above, and log in if your not already. same as the forum.

2006.09.10, 11:35 AM
Yeah I think it would have been n the shelf for ages, was marked down in price so was happy to get it.

Cool, might upload some pics there, that site is my own hosted domain so might as well use it :D