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2006.09.11, 09:51 PM
I'm working on making a baja racer with my OL, and I'm using an Xmod F-150 Shell. I;ve stretched the chassis all the way out, enlarged the wheel wells, and now I'm stuck. Any ideas on how to get it mounted?

No pics yet.

2006.09.16, 12:32 AM
umm have you tried velcro?

2006.09.16, 03:02 PM
what you should try is using those like things that look like four's.
like this: 4
and gule them on the chassis on the sides.
then get a little rectangle of some building material that you can shape
cut a little opening in it so the 4 can fit
and when you put the body on, just slide it dowmn till it clicks in place
to take off the body, just pull the panels a little to one side and pull it to the side.
i know its not very descriptive,
ill try to get some picture, bucause thats what i did to my hummer since i modded the front end to pivot


P.S.-on my pivot mod,
im almost done, just need to make a mount for the servo on the axle and solder the wires back.....havent put up pics yet