View Full Version : missing GPM screws

2006.09.12, 09:44 PM
Yeah, so this time it was my fault. I got these awsome blue alloy damper mounts for my monster, I was so happy when the parts came that I put it together quickly and put the specialy threaded GPM screws on snugly trying no to strip/ruin the parts. That was a big mistake. I took it out for a 15 min drive and noticed that the screw was gone. So then i paced the ground searching for the part only finding the red damper-washer thing. so then i came back here and seached my drawers for any screws that are the right length and threads with no succsess. That was my story an here's the question:
Does anyone know where to get spares?
reference pic:
^The screws are the silver ones that mount the dampers^

2006.09.12, 09:47 PM
any mini-z machine screw of the right length will do. the key thing is that it have the machine screw threading which is much tighter than the coarse threading on the plastic screws.