View Full Version : Jumping MZM Videos

2006.09.12, 11:27 PM
here is a video that I made tonight. pretty cool I think. :D


2006.09.12, 11:49 PM
Cool action, what is the truck that it's jumping?


This was my attempt at a vid.

2006.09.12, 11:51 PM
Cool action, what is the truck that it's jumping?

it's just one of my little boys toy trucks. just needed something visual so show it going over....

2006.09.14, 09:57 AM
a note to those that are looking to jump the MZM. be prepared to replace or repair several parts. these are the parts that I have replace on my MZM due to breakage. I upgraded to Alloy as you can see.

Alloy Front Gear box
Alloy Steering bar
Alloy Knuckles
Alloy Front shock/body mount
Alloy Rear shock/body mount
Alloy Wheels

I also recommed the oil shocks, and bearings. Mine was the anniversary editions so it came with them.

and as the video showes, I upgraded to a single stack of 4562 fets, and an Atomic stock motor running a 12 tooth pinion. Lots of torque and lots of speed.