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2006.09.13, 02:57 AM
Okay, here's the deal.

I got a used iwaver 02 Saleen S7 off a buddy, with radio thrown in as part of the deal. When I looked at it, it was in a few pieces. Chassis, servo and board were all seperate. Board needed some soldering, so I was able to attach the servo with no problem by following a few pictures on tinyrc. So far so good.

I put the crystals in, and powered on the radio.

Fresh cells were also used in both the radio and the pack for the car.

Here's where the problems started. I soldered the motor leads to what I think was the motor points on the board. I applied power to the board. Servo centered properly. When I tried using throttle or steering, I got nothing.

So what I need to know is, did I botch the solder job, or do I have a dead board?

Pic included for reference.


2006.09.13, 06:44 AM
looks ok to me, just be sure the V+ wire isn't touching the motor terminal next to it as they're quite close.

that pcb looks like a iw01 pcb to me, on the later versions the servo pot terminals are on the side of the pcb near the steering trimpot.

2006.09.13, 03:55 PM
Seems I can pick up a KO propo for about ten bucks from someone here. I'll let you know if the board is still being problematic or the radio that was hooped.

2006.09.16, 06:18 PM
yea it was the radio that was a dud..

but now I blew up the iwaver board while trying to fix the steering.